July 27, 2009


Folks, welcome to 5 AM Club.
Itz going to be my 25th day since I've joined 5 AM Club.

Have you ever heard about such a club?
Nothing, but a group of people who wake up early morning 5 AM.
Anyone can join this group, No registration fee, No Annual Fee :)
Only thing you have to do is just wake up @ 5 AM.
If you could make it out without failure for continuous 21 days,
it will become a habbit, I'm sure.
Does it sound good for you? Then come on, join us by putting
a comment here like,

Done !
And one more thing, tomorrow is the best day to start with.
Screw up your Alarms !!!!

Don’t make drastic changes.
Start slowly, by waking just 15-30 minutes earlier than usual.
Get used to this for a few days.
Then cut back another 15 minutes.
Do this gradually until you get to your goal time.

Waking up early in the morning is a traditional Indian culture.
You will feel energetic through out the day.
You can keep up your vitality and spirit the whole day.

Usually we used to tell;
"No time for that No time for this, blah blah....."

Friends, 5 AM to 6 AM is your time, no one will disturb you.
No phone calls, no office/household works,
no interference of your children...
You could do whatever you like.

> You could do YOGA/'Suryanamaskaram'/Exercises/Jogging.
> You can meditate, or go for a walk.
> You could plan/schedule for the day.
> You could read your favorite book, hear your favorite music.
> You could do whatever you like, it is up to you.

Realize that early morning is the most productive time and
enjoy the bliss of whatever thing you're engaged with.

So those who are interested, join me.
Lets try to make a difference in our life...

See you tomorrow when your 5AM Alarm ring :)
TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...


Tiju said...


Tiju said...

Some more read which I like much, but still have not made practical due to my late night stint at the shuttle court.


Tiju said...

Today I woke up at 8.05 am :(

My target for tomorrow is to wake up at 7.00am.

I do not want to wake up at 5.00 am. It feels like waking up in the night. I want to be up when the sun first comes out..say between 5.45 and 6.00am.

Tiju said...

Yahoooooooooo..innu njan 6 manikku ezhunnettallo...

When I woke up, it was dawn..but shortly, the rain came pouring down heavily..it was so nice to watch heavy rain with dark clouds approaching you slowly from the distance..from my room on the first floor, I can see the huge crane and tackle of the cochin shipyard..the rains start in the ocean and slowly approach us in 5-6 mins..great sight it was..

JITHU (Sujith) said...

Nice to hear that you had a great morning.
Also happy that you've joined our Club, Thnx Tiju.

Have good time dear brother, Cheers.

Rahana said...

I wish to join the 5AM Club... But my work gets over at 12 or 1 in the night... Donno how can i manage it... But, i have started trying :-)

vinodtr said...

I wake up at 6:10 daily. Then only i can catch my bus from BEML gate. But there is nothing much to do if i wake up at 5 AM daily. nothing to do in Suddaguntepalya :(

Thoma said...

vinodtr, dont tell that u do not have anything to do at 5.00am. what all u can do is already mentioned in the blog.

atleast u can do some pranayama man..be it Suddaguntepalya or Vyttila or Chicago..

Ramkumar said...

All the very best wishes from "Outside" for this concept !!!!!

already i slept at 12 !

nanda said...

I WISH TO JOIN 5AM CLUB........kaliyaakkanda.....one day i will.....

PAARUTTY... said...

really interestinggggggggg........

Anonymous said...

i also wish to join but... how will you know that i will wake up at 5.00 AM ?