June 30, 2009

Marottichaal Trip

Marottichal is only 15 Kms from Thrissur Town, Kerala.
A beautiful place which is still unexplored by eco tourism.
A place for trecking through forest and two waterfalls are the
main attractions, Olakkayam and Ilanjippara.

Only thrissur inmates could know this place, as of my knowledge.

How to reach:
Those who come from Ernakulam side, have to enter
Marathakkara-Mannuthy bye pass(About 70 Kms, 2 Hours).
Take a right turn from Kuttanellur Junction. Take the following
Kuttanellur -> Puthur -> MandaMangalam ->
Marottichaal -> Cheerankund Kuthu (Around 6 Kms from Kuttanellur)
Private buses available from Thrissur Town to Mandamangalam.

There is not even a sign board other than a small board fixed by
forest department. So identifying the entrance of Marottichal Kuthu
is bit hard. Two wheelers and other vehicles have to park on road side.
No parking Fee and entrance Fee :)

Then take left through the sides of canal, it is a narrow path.
After 10 mnts walk, you will reach the first water fall, Olakkayam.
There you could have space for swim and have an open bath.
Fishing is also possible, if you have the equipment
called "Choonda" :)

After a "Kaakka Kuli", you can start your "Odyssey" to the fall at top(Ilanjippara).
It gives a nice trekking experience and about 3 kms you have to walk to
reach the destiny. Leeches are rare in this area, compared to other
forest ranges. After an hour walk, you will reach the main
water fall, Sure that you'll get refreshed by the first sight itself
like I do.

Shops and good hotels are not there in near premises, better carry
food and refreshments with you. And another thing is, since it is so
remote and no regulatory authority to control the place, better avoid
family trips.

Even though this place is near to my house(17 Kms) I got the chance
to explore it last week only :(

Friendz, hurry up to Thrissur, lets have a great bash.


Rekha said...

The jungle is alluring ! Thanks for the insight in to this wilderness Sujith - beautiful place:)

gifty said...

thanks for the info...the place looks fabulous.....

Linz said...

Awesome place... no charges for trekking.. Can enjoy the silence of the jungle...its a great feeling when we walk along the way to the refreshing falls..And massaging fishes at the downside cleans out our body...