October 26, 2009

For Sale !

I was stunned to see my own matrimony advertisement
in a newspaper last month. Oops, atlast I've also entered into
the "wedding market". Advertisement was seeking for a marriage
alliance from same caste and religion. Also the horoscope and
astrology has to be perfectly matched. Bull Shit !

Its really funny that to select a life partner, we have to beg
in front of the astrologer for his verdict on the two horoscopes.
Its a game of matching two sets of squares each having 12 entries,
known as "Amsakam" and "Grahanila". I really felt pity on me to go
behind these kinda things under the pressure of my family.
Basically I do believe only in humanity rather than caste religion
and sub castes. I'm not saying that astrology is fake, its a science.
But there is no surety[even 1%] for a happy life even if the two
horoscopes match, then why should we give importance for that?.
But people go behind this even then they just need
a good partner to share their life.

Marriage life is about the chemistry of two hearts, not about religion
caste and race. You know, how many of our sisters and friends
are fed up of this beliefs and waiting long time to get a life?

One day our society will realize, love and trust is more important
than all. This doesn't mean that we should go for love marriages
without our parents' concerns. Even our parents could select a
good guy without bothering about caste issues.
I never felt, religion is a barrier for love, but we are trained to
believe so and our society molds the generations like that.
All of us are having best friends and good relationships with
people from other castes n religion, so why we cant we thing
for a caste less society?

A caste less, open-minded world is my dream.
Religion is only a way of life style; not a barrier.
Letz hope for a better tomorrow.
If you are against my views, speak out here putting comments.
This is an open column, we could discuss here. I'm always ready to
hear from you guys and rethink about my ideas.


Rahana said...

May your dream come true!!!
Best Wishes!!!

Devidas said...


This is a delicate issue. Don't want to comment on your views.We will discuss it !!!

Raj krishnan r said...