October 07, 2009


Palakkad Agrahaaram:

It is about 10 Kms from Palakkad KSRTC bus stand to reach
a different world; Agrahaaram(Kodunthirippully Graamam)
There are two graamam's called Valiya Graamam and Cheriya
graamam. It was a luck to get a chance to visit this
Agrahaaram, which is the ancestral place of my best friend
and brother, Vinod's mother.

When I reached graamam, it was Navarathri festival going on there.
The agrahaaram streets and houses were decorated beautifully.
There were about 80 houses in that agraharam, all were old
buildings and connected side by side, arranged in two sets each
being facing each other.
And at one end the agraharam is ending with a temple.
I liked that arrangement, in which all houses are dedicated
part of the temple in two lines.
Also a big Kshethrakulam(Pond) at Agraharam premises near Temple.

All agraharam inmates are Brahmins and it was a new world to me.
In front of every house, we could see the traditional
drawing with 'Arippodi' known as "Kolam". These 'kolams' are
drawn by ladies of each family, which is a daily ritual for them.
Their way of dressing is also quiet special !
Infact everything was interesting to me, their language(Tamil),
their costumes and a variety of traditional customs; and above all
their love and hospitality.

As I told it was Navarathri, people were in a festive mood.
All are busy with arranging things for Mahanavami, participating
in Pooram with five elephants and processions. Also there was
Panchavaadyam and PaanchaariMelam by Peruvanam Kuttan Marar.
I couldnt resist the beauty of "Pattathi" Girls in the percussion
of Vaadyams and Melams :)

On that festival day, each family will be preparing "Sadya" and
invite other Agraharam neighbours. We could take food from any
house on that particular day. I took breakfast, lunch and dinner from
different houses. All together it was a refreshing day with my
friends and other Agraharam inmates.

We all know that Palakkad is one of the beautiful place in Kerala.
These agrahaarams, paddy fields, Bhaarathapuzha and
innocent people of villeges adds its beauty.
It was one of the memorable day in my life,
spending a day with my friends(Vinod, Daasan and Sajeev)
and roaming the neighbouring villeges like
PeringottuKurissey, Mankara, Poodur...


Rahana said...

Nice... avide poya oru effect :-)

vinodtr said...

njan ithe poloru travelogue type cheythu vechittundu..njan udheshicha athe varikal jithu monu evide ninnu kitti ? :)) nalla vivaranam..onnum vittu poyittilla..kulam koodi parayaamaayirunnu..

Anoop said...

Jithu ,

നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട്.കുറച്ചു കൂടി descriptive ആകാമാരുന്നുവെന്നു തോന്നി. Especially about their culture, tradition, dress code, food style etc. The way of writing is good. Try to keep the flow. I mean from the beginning to the end of ur journey.
It would be nice if you could add some more pictures of the houses to show the architectural beauty after describing the houses. Same way try to add related picture after each module ,like picture of a “Kolam “ after describing it . ( I know we have limitations to take snaps )
Jithu thanks for sharing ur experience