February 08, 2009

Hold the warmth of trust.

Hold the hands of your beloved ones often for
itz the way of showing love, trust and more.
Have you ever hold the hands of other people?
Itz not only to show romance and love;
but itz a warm feeling which cant express.

Yes, I used to.
Used to hold hands of grandmas, my sister, my ever loving friendz....

Hand-holding has become less and less common in a world
that emphasizes individuality and self-reliance in relationships.
Some people might think that if they are seen holding hands
with their significant other,
they might be looked at as too sappy or dependant.

Holding hands on a regular basis will make you
more comfortable with each other,
soothe your mood during stressful times,
and is a great way to show the world how proud you are
to be with your special someone.
If you aren’t in the habit of holding hands
with your beloved ones, today is a great day to start!


Ramkumar said...

Everyone is searching for "who i am ?".

But jithu chetta, from this wonderfull blog we clearly get an idea of who you are .....

Njoy,as guruji said, "make life a celebration "

ipodFan said...

Ithu kavithayaano? :')

paarutty said...

u r rite jithu...holding hands or just a touch makes us more comfortable than anything.especially holding hands of most special ones be a relief 4 life long even v r not seeing them ever...actually v r holding hands is just 4 a second u know... but it touches our heart till death thats the warmth of love...feel it and take the warmth of relation

White Rose said...

too good............. really it gives us a belief that we are safe...... :).......a kind of secured lock of hands.......